What Can I Do To Help?

German Shepherd

Breed Specific Legislation is a nationwide problem. If you would like to help, the first thing you can do is go to Petition2Congress and sign the petition to eradicate BSL nationwide. This site also gives an option to send an email or letter to your local Congressmen and the President (who, by the way, is a BSL opponent himself). It is especially important to contact your elected officials if you live in an area with BSL in place.

You can also join a group that opposes BSL, such as Love-A-Bull, Hershey's Bill, or Bad Rap.


Educate everyone you can about so-called "vicious" dogs, and the horrors of BSL. Many animal lovers don't even know BSL exists. If you own a targeted breed, take them out in public to show everyone how great they are!

Pit Bull Rottweiler German Shepherd Doberman Pinscher


If you can provide a good home for a dog, we encourage you to visit your local shelter to adopt or foster an at-risk breed. Always remember to spay or neuter your pet!