About Lomography


In 1991, a group of students from Vienna walked into a shop in Prague, Czechoslovakia. There, they found an interesting little camera, the Russian-made Lomo LC-A. They bought the camera on a whim, and started shooting snapshots.

The students soon learned that this camera took flawed pictures, but that was what made it fun! The super-saturated colors, dark vignettes around the images, and occasional light leaks gave the pictures a unique, artful look, which they dubbed "lomography".


After exhibiting their work as the Lomographic Society International, the hobby started to take off. People from all over the world wanted a Lomo camera, but the company had stopped production. The students went to St. Petersburg to talk to the manufacturer, and with the help of the mayor at the time (one Vladimir Putin), convinced the company to start making them again. Lomography, as it was now known, eventually went on to add more cameras, and started taking over production on film emulsions from Afga and Kodak. They have also created several films of their own.

The Ten Golden Rules

of Lomography

  1. Take your camera everywhere you go
  2. Use it any time day or night
  3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  4. Try the shot from the hip
  5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
  6. Dont think
  7. Be fast
  8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film...
  9. Afterwards, either.
  10. Don’t worry about any rules!
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